Sunday, November 13, 2011

Whether Or Not

I was just opening up Safari to blog and saw the home page where I have my dictionary, quote for the day and all the various places that I want to know the temperature of the air at any given moment. I had to do a double take this morning. It is colder in southwest florida (51º) this very moment than it is in Chicago (54º) and warmer still in northwest Indiana where my main house is (55º). Okay, I can see the lake effect where Lake Michigan is now warm and therefore warms up the surrounding air but where does 44º in Atlanta come into the picture? Is that wacky or what?

Now I forgot what I was gonna blog.

Oh, one thing was this silverware. It's my friend Barb's and I love it. I think I need to buy it. What do you think? Make sure you click on this picture to make it bigger so you can see the detail, especially the tip of the spoon and the little dorsal fin on all of them.

Is it just me or are you also tired of opening up anything on line and seeing the two words 'belly fat' on the page? And do I care if Rachael Ray lost 32 pounds of it? Okay, Tommy, settle.

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Miracles said...

Let's go buy new flatware