Saturday, November 05, 2011

You Ought To Be In Pictures!

Check out Miss Violet. Having a mom as an actor doesn't hurt when a gal needs to be noticed. A photographer that shot some stills of Maria for an ad asked if she could take some pictures of the babe. Maria assembled her favorite outfits, including something from Violets Halloween
inventory, and of course, her skinny jeans. Maria even put on a disposable diaper (she normally wears the real thing) because the skinny jeans look better without that bulky look we have all been cursed with from time to time.

All that clothing assembling was for naught. She wanted Violet as close to naked as she was willing to go. When the photographer first put Violet on the white background and ground she started to howl. She is used to lots of color and movement and it threw her; but just for a minute. After the initial non stimulation shock she was back to her old self, showing off like nobodies business. You can even see her cute little bottom teeth. Violet was ten months old yesterday. Next Gerber baby, ya think?


Anonymous said...

a very cute little redhead girl....yes, she should do the Ads!

Robbie said...

OMG...Violet is a sweetheart isn't she!! This pic is adorable...I bet Anne Geddes would love to photograph this little one! How cute would those pics be!