Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bark and Brittle

Here's some sheets of Black and White Bark that I brought in from the porch where they set up in frigid conditions. I have just added it to the Tommy Cooks blog. You won't be sorry if you make it.
It's fast and easy and a real crowd pleaser!

Now on to a weary story of my cooking malfunction yesterday. Let me start by saying that I have never made brittle before. I am quite sure I will not do it again. Here's why. A friend of mine gave me some Pine Nut Brittle to try and I LOVED it. Really, it was wonderful. So I decided to add it to my repertory of holiday fares. I got the ingredients that include sugar, pine nuts, butter, salt, and the rosemary out of the garden (by a hair before the snow killed it). Well, the recipe called for lining a sheet pan with parchment to spread the finished brittle on. My parchment is a tad smaller than the inner area of the half sheet pan I use so I opted for wax paper instead. I made two double batches and had them setting up when I went to check on them and found that I couldn't separate the brittle from the paper. I always assumed that the two types of paper were pretty interchangeable but not so for brittle! I had to scrap brittle that contained four sticks of butter, eight cups of sugar and worst of all, 3 # of pine nuts. I was just sick.

I used gallons of hot water to the pot to get the hardened sugar off which I felt guilty about. I burnt myself twice and good enough for a hefty blister. I made two more double batches and this time I used parchment paper. It turned out fine but my spirit was a bit dampened
and my burnt hand was killing me with the ten minutes of stirring it calls for. The stuff tastes great and if you happen to be around my house, come on in and share it with me. It will be a one time offer. I will post it later on the food blog.


Karen said...

What a shame, wasting all those ingredients. That was an expensive lesson to learn. So glad you got some brittle out of it in the end.

Miracles said...


Miracles said...

Thanks for posting 'Bark' recipe. I'll be making it next week.

Frieda said...

I am so sad for you. I wish I lived next door and could come over and help.