Saturday, December 03, 2011

Food Stuffs

I have just now had another request for the Piñón recipe of my friend Millie.
I made it for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful. I have decided to post it on Tommy Cooks.

I got a great deal on 95% ground beef so was like a whirling dervish yesterday making Shepherd's Pie and Cottage Pie (the favorite of Prince William and his Katherine) and hands down G and I like the former best. I think the addition of cheese in the Cottage Pie can't hold a candle to the corn, peas and carrots in the Shepherd's Pie. I peeled 20# of potatoes and still I have to go out today and get more.

My young protegee Anna and I went to the sewing machine shop on Thursday, early evening. I took in a Featherweight that was frozen and my Designer I from Florida for a tune up. We left the place with Anna's purchase of a Janome Magnolia, with extra needles and bobbins and a carrying case for under $200. I picked up my two machines yesterday afternoon (yeah, the guy is that fast) and spent $111. There's something wrong with that. Anyway, I found out that I have been sewing in Florida with the wrong single hole throat plate. The guy says the feed dogs hit it every time the pedal is pushed. I guess I am not that observant because I have had it for more than ten years!!! I like the single hole plate when piecing because the throat plate doesn't 'eat' any of my fabric.


Miracles said...

I've been planning my sewing nook.

Robbie said...

I just got a chuckle from the 'throat plate' story...go figure, right!