Thursday, December 22, 2011

Girls Visit

Could a girl look any better in her Jeggings than this? Maria and Violet came for a visit.
I guess it's a no brainer what she was attracted to. I just love to watch her little body in motion.
She can bend down and almost touch her butt to the floor and get back upright but
she will not walk. She can just pop up out of a sit and stand forever but taking a step without her little walker?
She's having nothing to do with that. Maria guesses that she is like her father and if she can't do it perfectly,
she will wait until she can. Oh, and there is a very bare section of the tree, thanks to my gal.


Robbie said...

Violet is adorable...well, almost as adorable as our little Kalee! OK, no fair me comparing Violet to our puppy...but puppies are just like babies aren't they! Cherish these memories, Tommy! they sure grow up fast!!! So good you have the blog to document Violet's visits and growing up!

Miracles said...

She is so stylish with jeans and long sweater!
I did notice the ornaments on the floor right away.
Those eyes and hair are going to captivate the boys!

Thank you. I was not expecting Mr UPS....what a surprise!

Cindra said...

She is adorable. Graham was all about up, down, along the furniture, but no walk... and then one day...he just did it. Now he is everywhere. They are too precious for words... and she is adorable.

Anonymous said...

The 3rd picture down, she looks just like Peter.

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING that warms the cockles of the heart...than the FIRST grandchild...and then to top it off, she had to be VIOLET!!!

Yours and Mr. G's cup runneth over. You ARE blessed