Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My Kinda Fun

I definitely have a problem with food. I was watching the second to the last episode of Biggest Loser last night and John, one of the finalists kept saying that over and over. Well, I got up today almost giddy about going to Costco today for food. Big amounts of food. My cooking ritual is in full gear. Once I get to cooking, there is no stopping me (oh, except space to put it).I have the biggest containers (bowls, pots) that they make, but I still have to make stuff in batches because usually splitting in half of thirds the ingredients. When you are making something like stew and it takes three good hours to cook, you have a lot of time in between batches to do something else.
Last night I tackled the Taco Soup my sister discovered. It's on Tommy Cooks
and is very simple. It's pretty much opening cans up and mixing and simmering. Yeah, I can do that.
These are about 5 cup containers. I think I will have that short one in front for some fortification before heading to the big box store with my shopping list!!

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Miracles said...

I went grocery shopping yesterday. I stocked up for six dinner parties I lined up for the next two weeks. I'll be a busy bee in the kitchen starting tomorrow. I'll send you pics.