Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Single Student

When I got back from Florida I started to mentor a young girl,

Anna, who wanted to learn how to sew. Here she is, although she doesn't like to have her picture taken, she has relented to my insistence. She is bright and picks up everything like a sponge.

We started out with learning the sewing machine, how to iron seams and using the rotary cutter. That was a first for her. She has almost mastered that and the quarter inch, although quilting isn't all she wants to learn. I have to teach what I know though, right? Can new quilters be in their early twenties? This one will be if I have my way.

The apron we started with was a little overwhelming with curves and ruffles so we put it off to the side and started with the Thread Catcher
and she put up with my lack of teaching skills and made one of these. We then looked around the room and decided the next project would be
the chick pin cushion. She picked out this darling fabric out of my stash and made it in less than two hours. We filled it with these crushed walnut shells that I was gifted from my quilting
slut dear friend, Peggy. Last night we started and finished this log cabin block that we made into
a pillow. The block ended up being bigger than the pillow form so it's not the greatest fit but she was thrilled. Her machine only got unthreaded twice, and that was at the end of the lesson when she was tired, but still, she did an amazing job. In just a couple weeks she has made amazing strides. I am very proud of her.

If you sewers out there can assist me, give me some ideas for other lessons for Anna. I probably have eight to ten more class meetings with Anna before I leave to go south and I have already gone through most of what I can think of for lesson plans. Any help would be appreciated. I am actually enjoying this!


Carol said...

Hi Tommy,
I will think about lesson plans...but to make the pillow fit, just wrap the pillow form with leftover batting strips until it is big enough. Merry Christmas!

spikemuffin said...


Miracles said...

She is doing very well. How about pouches for her handbag.....eyeglass holder, tissue cover, checkbook cover, etc. They make great gifts for family and friends.

Anonymous said...

How about the quick and easy zippered bags made with 2 fat quarters? That would give her some zipper experience and she'd make something useful. Also a simple nine patch block or a half-square triangle using 5" squares.

Gayle from MI said...

When I have taught young folks to sew I usually start with some pajama pants because they all wear them and they are pretty basic. Plus they learn how to do a casing and a hem. Pillow cases are nice too if you have the "20 minute" pattern where all of the edges are encased. That teaches straight cutting, pressing and French seams.

Anonymous said...

That old trace around your hand and cut the mitten pieces from fleece is always fun to learn. Then she can gift her friends and impress them. Anything that gets the next generation to sew is wonderful.

Lori said...

Wonder wallets are instant gratification and Seminole peicing is a good foundational skill.

Frieda said...

I did the same thing with a dear friends daughter several years ago. We made several different quilt block patterns and then we made a nine patch quilt, doing the nine patches making the quilt top, making the sandwich and finally quilting it and then binding it. That was a great learning lesson for both of us.