Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nuking Brittle

I take back everything I said about making brittle. And that is all thanks to Carol who, after reading my tragic intro to brittle, sent me her sure fire recipe she has been making for twenty years that she got out of Bon Appetit. The brittle is made in the microwave. No mess, no burning myself!!!
You take 1 1/2 c. of nuts (usually unsalted dry roasted peanuts but I used pinenuts and rosemary) and with a cup of sugar, 1/2 c. light corn syrup and a pinch of salt into a cooking spray coated microwavable glass bowl. I used my 2 qt. pyrex measuring cup. You need extra room because the last step foams and increases a bit in volume of the hot candy.
With these combined you nuke them for six minutes (I did 4 minutes because the pinenuts are less dense and smaller). Cooking times will vary with each microwave so just watch it and you want it to be bubbling vigorously. Remove from microwave and stir in 1 T. butter and 1 t. vanilla (I eliminated the vanilla because of my savory elements).

Spray sheet pan liberally with cooking spray. Return to the microwave and cook on high until candy turns light gold color, about 3 minutes. Remove bowl from microwave. Working quickly add 1 1/4 t. backing soda and stir briskly. It will foam up a bit.
Sift the baking soda to eliminate any lumps because they will show their evil head and not dissolve in the brittle. Just use a fine sieve.
This is what it looks like when adding the soda. Immediately pour the brittle on the prepared
pan, trying to get it as thin as possible. It sets up very quickly. Let it get hard and then crack
it up. It is simple and the cleanup is non existent. The pyrex needs very hot water to clean so you may want to have boiling water handy if you don't get real hot tap water. The only thing that I didn't like which is a quick fix is that the bottom of the brittle is a little slick from the cooking spray so when it was cold and before cracking I wiped the bottom off with a paper towel. Problem solved. It took 6 minutes of cooking and 2 minutes of prep. Yeah, you can do that!!

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1-2-3.....It's good to have recipes like that....especially since the ingredients are always on hand.