Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh My Man

My friend Peggy has been saving selvages from fabric for a few months now and I was pleasantly surprised to open a package from her with a pillow

made from selvages. On top of the pillow was a 'sleeve' of fabric which I assumed was a band to put
around the pillow to change it up. I felt a little silly when Peggy told me it was a cowl scarf to
go around your neck. She likes them because they are made out of cotton fabric and aren't itchy or hot. Good idea! When G took this picture he asked me why I told him not to put my head in the picture. I told him that I just got up and haven't brushed my teeth or combed my hair. He said that no one would be able to tell. MEN!!!!!!


Cosmos said...

Oh yes, I always look at a photo and think how much better it could have been if only the subject had brushed her teeth first! LOL

Miracles said...

The colors are great and the cotton cowl scarf is a neat idea. That would work well down here for the few weeks it gets nippy.