Thursday, December 01, 2011

Oily Business

I have spent the last two days running errands and going to long made appointments. Today is no exception. I am off to far away places to hook up once again with my skin doctor. It's time to get out a book on CD.

Two days ago my camera quit working. I gave it the once over and after taking off the lens, realized that it had a part inside that had giggled lose. Wolf camera wasn't much help. The lens is discontinued (of course) and it's replacement has more bells and whistles all for a mere $499. I think my whole camera back in the day was only seven something.
So. not being able to live without a 35mm SLR, I swung for the extra $100 and bought this smaller and lighter D3100 with an 18-55 lens. I haven't had time to play with it yet, but I did get the strap on which is quite a feat for me.

I started mentoring a young woman yesterday. I met Anna at my solo show and got to talking about how I started out sewing and one thing led to another and six months later we had our first one on one in my studio to learn to sew. She entered carrying a dinosaur of a Singer that she said was in the sisters basement forever. Well, I couldn't agree more after getting a better look at it. No amount of oil in the world was going to reclaim the machine; at least in my hands. Then we thought to start her out on the Janome 6600 but I couldn't get the walking foot and a normal foot on it in a timely fashion. The Viking was out of the question because I didn't want her to learn on a machine that had no presser foot lever, only to go back to one later. I went in the basement and got out the Featherweight Singer that I taught Micky to sew with a few years ago but it too failed me because even after I oiled it, the wheel would not go around except in the bobbin threader mode.

We decided jointly that this was a bad start and we headed to the computer to look at Janome's. I suggested that because the guy that services my machine sells them and so she would have an expert close by. I know that all my sewing machine toting friends have the Janome Gem Gold and so maybe that would be sufficient or maybe one up from that. We are going to the sewing machine shop after I get back from the dr. I will be taking in the Featherweight to get serviced along with my Florida Viking that is still in the trunk of the car because it is easier to service it here than there. I just wonder if Anna will be toting the basement Singer when she comes to go with me. Let's see, what do I need from the store?

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