Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Proud Teacher

Even with all this holiday stuff going on and all the dinners I am still committed to my solo sewing student. She was here yesterday afternoon and met my sister and explained that when she started with me back in November she didn't even know what a bobbin was! We get together in the afternoons around 3:30 and our 'class' lasts between two and two and a half hours. It's the perfect time for me because I have gotten the bulk of what I want to get done for the day well on it's way and before G gets home and we go work out. I even do other things now while she is learning because she is a very quick study and doesn't need a lot of hand holding. She asks a question, she gets the answer and she retains it.

This log cabin block was homework a couple weeks ago. She made it to be 16" square so that is
what our tote size ended up being. It is a sixteen inch square, lined and interfaced with heavyweight iron on . It has a flat bottom. I think she did an amazing job. A couple days later
she made these matching zippered pouches. She was a little intimidated by the zipper work but she took to it very easily.
We then tackled pajama bottoms. It was a lesson in reading the pattern, cutting it out and sewing it together with a casing and elastic and ribbon. Another job well done.
Here is my prized student Anna, modeling the apron she made yesterday. We started this project on our second visit and got as far as reading the pattern and my giving instruction as to how to go about the cutting, and marking. We started with the first thing that was on the directions and that was the right sides together curved pockets and had to put a kibosh on it because it was way too advanced. Here it is, just a month or so later and she did the pockets, added lace, and put on a curved lined yoke. I am very proud of her.

We will probably get together a couple more times before we head south. I gave her a simple block pattern and the directions to make a lap quilt as homework that we will discuss on Monday. I have given her several other projects to do while she is looking for something to do in her spare time. She can only get better with practice. I have even assigned her an art quilt to make out of sewn together pieces of scrap that I save in a big tub. I took a zip lock and filled it to the brim with the scraps and as we were gabbing with my sis and in between instructions

I sewed together a little example of what I was talking about as far as doing a abstract piece.

Happy New Year's Eve!!!


Brenda said...

Whata smile and what a productive student! I hardly made anything in my sewing periods in school. Congratulations to you both. Your enthusiasm is obviously catching.

Miracles said...

Your student is fortunate to have received instruction for a skill she'll use the rest of her life. Kudos to you and her.

Anonymous said...

Your mentoring goes beyond whatever scope you want to imagine...because "your student" will go ON in her lifetime...and teach others , and remind others with her stories of your kindness and knowledge.

Gayle from MI said...

Great job to both of you!