Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random Pictures

Check out this virtual Christmas card I received from my friend Rosario that lives
in Spain. It looks like she had a great idea while she was dying a bunch of fabric. I love the novelty of it!!!
I received my weekly flowers ( a gift I give myself) and had to share with you how adorable Jane made this vase. There is a 'bow' made out of easily movable thick wire with balls formed at the ends that is around the top of the vase and there individual loose balls in the water at the base. Clever girl!!
I know I have had the discussion that you can't find Roka Blue in the jars anymore. Well, I was in the store and on my list was English Cheddar in the jars for my Maggie's favorite appetizer and there was tons of Roka Blue right there. My guess is that they only put it out at holiday time. I got eight jars. I have to email Anne for her dip recipe that uses the stuff. I don't know where the recipe I had is. Since I wrote this, Anne sent me the recipe.

I made up a big batch of butter, cheese and garlic powder a couple days ago to make my Garlic
Cheese Puffs. I don't know what I was thinking of but I bought twice as much bread as I needed. My thinking brain went on and I decided to experiment. I made a big batch of Roka Cheese Puffs and they turned out wonderful. I substituted Roka for English and kept the butter the same and added a little crumbled blue instead of the garlic powder. I am going to serve them together to get the majority opinion on which one is better. Yippee! A contest!

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Miracles said...

Clever virtual Christmas card.
Thanks for the dip recipe