Friday, December 16, 2011

Something Big

It comes around every year and here it is again. The thirty ninth anniversary of G and me posing in front of a very tacky fireplace. Back in the day it must have been in style to wear your clothes big because I could fit two of me in this dress. And then there is G's tie. Oh dear.

But that isn't the big thing today. Something is happening that is much bigger than a multiple decade union. And it's something that we can all honor. Free Fries Friday.

I guess BK changed their fries yet again to go up against the big boys. Hey, I'm going. Let me know if you go and what you think. French fries are VERY important to me and they should be to you also.


spikemuffin said...

Everytime I see that photo I think, "The Carpenters" and everytime you say Fries I think "dashboard".

Miracles said...

Those were the days my friends.....I think both of you look even better today!

Miracles said...

Oops....I forgot....Happy Anniversary you kids