Monday, December 05, 2011

Speaking of Babies

This is what awaits me when I get off the computer. I have put it off as long as I canand now I am tired of walking by the dining room and looking at the mess. In the past I would love to wrap presents but that is definitely a thing of the past.

Check out beautiful Adriana resting on the quilt that Aunt Tommy sent her.
She's already a couple months old. The time goes so fast. Speaking of babies, our little Violet was eleven months old yesterday. I can't even believe how fast it goes, especially when you aren't the one wiping butts and runny noses! It's good to be grandma. Oh, yeah, that is what I am calling myself. I will leave and deviation of that famous name up to the offspring of my offspring.

And again, speaking of babies,
I am hoping against hope that there isn't one in this stroller! I turned around from checking out of Kohl's and saw this. It was definitely a Kodak moment!!!

1 comment:

Miracles said...

Adriana is a beautiful baby on a beautiful quilt.
Gift cards beat wrapping presents for everyone.
I'm looking forward to VJ's birthday bash pics.