Thursday, December 15, 2011


Thanks for all the great ideas for my student projects. I have a couple questions on them. What's the mitten making fleece thingy. Never heard of it. Also, do I need to buy a pattern to make the pajama bottoms? I love this idea. What's the 20 minute pillowcase pattern? She's way to green for a zipper. I so love the idea of using left over batting to make the pillow form bigger. What is wrong with my brain that I couldn't think of that on my own? I have so much left over batting from quilts that I never know what to do with and now I do!!!! You guys are genius!!!!

What I did last evening (she actually comes after work at 3:30 to 6 at the latest) was open up Quilters Cache and have her pick out some block. I don't do any homework or prep for her arrival; I know me and if I did that, I would grow to hate that it was imposing on my own time. I have given her a time frame to come (my down time when I start to prepare for dinner) and before we go and work out so I do everything once the doorbell rings. It's only fair.

She chose this braid that I have never seen before. I am constantly amazed at how she thinks. She spent the whole time cutting out 7 1/2 x 2 1/2 rectangles out of my

hand dyed scrap drawer and this picture was taken five minutes ago, 15 hours after Anna left my house and so you can see that she didn't even make a dint in it. This is a big drawer; 30 wide and about 10 inches high and another 24 deep. It holds a lot and yet you would never know anyone

was even in it, yet here are rectangles. I felt a little bad that she spent the whole time cutting but hey, if you can't learn to use a rotary cutter without cutting yourself and use a rotary mat to measure, you aren't gonna get very far in sewing in this day and age. Plus, I wanted her to have a project that she could work on at home. This may be the project that she works on when I am south. Wouldn't it be something if I came back in the spring and she was ready to quilt? I can only dream.


dee said...

This is such a nice thing to do. I wish that someone had taught me how to sew when I was young. I had to stumble through different things myself and the results were often horible. Having the ability to sew properly is the difference between a quilt and a piece of art or an heirloom. Nice work Tommy.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing. I wish one of my girls had some remote interest in quilting, but sadly they don't. They do want quilts in their beds made by me, but no thought about doing it themselves.
You are passing on a time honoured tradtion. Well done!


Anonymous said...

The Braid thing will be wonky when she is done and it's best to do all the actual pressing at the same time so your mood is the same. It will stretch.
The mitten thing.
Take fleece or felted wool folded in half. Make a pattern or just trace with something right on the fabric, the outline of your hand and wrist,plus enough for seam allowances and length. Sew and turn inside out and you have a mitten. You can piece a contrast cuff on or if there is a free arm, put a little decortive stitching on the cuff edge.
The 20 minute pillow case instructions can be found by googleing it or go to the American Patchwork site, All People quilt. The instructions can be found there.

Anonymous said...'s%20Pillowcase%20Pattern.pdf