Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What I Got For Christmas

I have a ton of pictures to go through so I will only touch on a bit of what I got for Christmas.

Long before it was time to open presents my daughter Maggie comes up to me with a massive box

and says that I need to open this gift RIGHT NOW,
She was right, as always!
My sister made me this scarf that I loved so much that I didn't take it off all day and night!
Peter and Maria gave me this. Yeah, it's at Christmas dinner. Notice the foot. Now, if I did that there would be some griping but Violet, she can do anything she wants!


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute pic of Violet...but even cuter pic of YOU in your (Christmas) scarf!! Frame it!! for Mr. G.


Miracles said...

Perfect present from your daughter...turkey looks good. Miss VJ is adorable. Lovely scarf from your sis. And, of course, you look good. Miss you...come home already.

Anonymous said...

You are looking as young as a spring chick! Very nice scarf...how did your sis make it?

I hope Violet's pic came framed...

Maggie's pressie takes the cake!

dee said...

Super scarf. Love it and it looks so pretty on you.

Violet is illustrating the holiday casual mode for us all. That girl cracks me up.

You have the family trained right. Mine would never think of a great roasting pan like that. No cooks around here but me-I will have to provide a huge hint or, better yet, go to Macy's and buy it myself.

Happy New Year Tommy.

Corky said...

I made 15 of those scarves this year out of various colors. I sent most of them to my mother -who lives in a retirement home - so she could share them with her friends there. Incredibly easy to make and each only takes a couple of hours.

Violet is more beautiful everytime you share photos of her.