Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What A Prick

For the last couple of days I have taken over G's morning ritual with Bella. Normally I get up first and do Scrabble, Blog and read email and when the other two roommates get up they tend to recline while having coffee and reading the paper. G has had to leave at the crack to go to bank meetings so I have done the reclining with Bella. Yesterday it was to the extent that I didn't get out of the chair until I had to leave for an appointment and this morning it was almost the same except that the book I was reading on G's old Kindle concluded and here I am. I finished the last of the three books by Stieg Larsson, 'The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest. I have heard mixed reviews on them but I liked them all.

We had a lovely dinner with friends in the city last night. I can't believe this weather. It's been in the 40's. What's up with that?

My daughter and her high school chums have lots of annual get togethers. They go on a long weekend trip each year that they take turns planning They have a booklet of rules which are followed so that there is harmony for all. They also have a holiday get together each year that is a little different that the normal cookie or ornament exchange. It is an ornament exchange with a twist. It's a PORNament exchange which I find delightful. This year, while the girls in the family were playing around with the felted wool I started to formulate something that I thought would be the perfect touch.
My nimble fingers made a perfect pornament that measured only 3 1/2 inches long. It is pretty
cute and I feel it's a unique way of using that old wool. I feel quite confident that it had all the necessary parts.

I even named it. It was a big hit and was one that was passed around and fought for. It makes a mother proud.


Robbie said...

OMG...I'm laughing so hard it's difficult to type! Geezzzz...and the Stieg Larson series was WONDERFUL! I had to start the first book twice but once I got into it I couldn't wait to read the next two!!

Susan Turney said...

LOL! I couldn't imagine what this one was going to be about when I saw the title and kept wondering if you were really ticked at G!
The girls must have been hysterical when they saw the Pornament and your daughter must be so proud!!! Mothers who "get it" and laugh are the best!!!!!
Happy holidays!

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Thanks for the laugh.What a sense of humor.

dee said...

SNORT...You always make me laugh and that's a gift.
erry Christmas Tommy.

dee said...


Corky said...

Hope you're not planning to teach your student how to make one of these ornaments! Funny stuff.

Corky said...

Hope you're not planning to teach your student how to make one of these ornaments! Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting - and that you encourage others - even more disgusting.