Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Barter System

G and I stopped in on our friends, Melody and Dave, in their beautiful home in Tennessee, on our way to sunny Florida. I was surprised how high on a mountain they live. I actually had to look away instead of dwelling on the lack of shoulders on the road and the drastic drop from road to oblivion. You can't have a cocktail and do that trip. Anyway, I got a tour of the house and saw all the changes that I have heard of but never got to see up close and personal. It was a dismal rainy day so roaming the acreage was not in the cards but we still got to see the koi pond and lots of lush gardens and decks.

The visit to her newly redone studio was exciting. I got to see her latest quilt and fell in love with it. It has already been sold but is on the lawaway plan.

It is called Radiant Orb and is 48 x 45. It looks good enough to eat.

I tried to talk Mel into a quilt exchange. I have a favorite of hers that she didn't even finish and doesn't even know where it is. I suggested that I finish this last quilt the Melody took a fancy to

and she could find and quilt the last in the series of cruciform quilts that I covet and we do the switch a roony. I would offer to quilt hers but it is fused and I am unfamiliar to quilting that form of construction. She is thinking about it. Trouble is, I can't seem to find a picture of her quilt I have dreamed about. She forgot all about it. We huddled over the laptop, trying to find it but had no success.
Forget that last passage. Mel just found the link to the quilt but not the quilt itself.

Then we started perusing Pinterest. You have to check it out. It is addicting.


spikemuffin said...

Can you get Mel to make me pair of socks? Something in a "Muffin" theme?

Melody Johnson said...

Tommy, are my emails get through to you. I keep getting the bounce messages.

Miracles said...

I received Pinterest Yo-Yo I'm hooked. My emails to you are bouncing back all day.