Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's Going On

I have had a couple of very busy days. I seemed like I went from morning to night without a minute to spare. Not that I am complaining but that's where I've been.

I made a new tiramisu recipe on Sunday to take to a dinner party. I liked it much more that the recipe I have used in the past.

If you are interested in trying it, I will post it soon on Tommy Cooks . You won't be sorry.

My left shift key doesn't work and being a lefty, this is taking much longer to type than I am used to. It may be time for a new keyboard.

Yesterday was gobbled up by my visit to the Surgi Center to have my left eye fixed. It was my distance eye. Next Monday is when they will tackle the right eye. My ophthamologist has told me that he doesn't think that I will have to do anything else with my eyes. We shall see.

To give myself a little treat, we stopped off at Best Buy and I got myself a white iPad. I can't wait to cuddle up and play with it. I had to leave it alone last night to charge. It's a beautiful day here in paradise.


Cindra said...

You will love, love, love your iPad!

Cindra said...

You will love, love, love your iPad!

Miracles said...

I like your 'no pun intended'....we shall see!
The Tiramisu was excellent.
iPads are the way to go....goes everywhere for me.