Saturday, January 28, 2012

Everything Is Falling

G's brother has been here for a couple weeks and except for a day jaunt a couple times, he will be with us for another two weeks. It's nice to have someone to do the daily routine with other than me. They have trips to the golf course, fishing and the day to day shopping to fill their days. All the better for me. They got the skinny on a perfect place to fish that will fulfill their expectations on a good catch. Our friend caught dozens there. So off they went and were gone for a few hours only to come home with not one little fish.

That was a couple days ago. Yesterday, while G was talking business on the phone, a local

osprey went fishing and I am guessing that the catch was too big because he dropped it right in front of our house with G looking on.
And here it is; it's a sheepshead and it was the very type of fish the G and his brother were trying to catch. It was very much alive and the discussion was whether to filet it or put it back in the water. The mutual decision was to release it to catch another day. It immediately swam away, without a second of recovery. That was some save! Can they count this as a fish caught?

This reminded me of the pictures on Facebook that my friend Millie posted, showing the inside of a sheepshead's mouth. They have regular teeth;
lots and lots of regular teeth. This one could sure use a dentist tho'!

One more thing before I go exercise - this is another thing that happened yesterday. G set his iPad on top of his car to load some other stuff and forgot it; all the while saying to himself, don't forget to get it off the car roof, like I have with dozens of cups of coffee. Well, off he went and after a block or so, so did the iPad, right into traffic. He saw it through his rear view window in the middle of the street. He pulled a u'ie and went back to retrieve it. He counted eight cars passing over it and missing it and when he was just about to get it, three cars completely ran over it. Believe it or not, it still works. There is an unfortunate part to this saga. After getting it home, it won't take a charge. He now has 37% power left and an appointment at the Apple store on Monday afternoon after my last eye surgery to swap it out, no questions asked. I love those Apple people! I think I will take this keyboard and see if I can
sweet talk them into a new one, free of charge. I have to capitalize all my letters on the right side only. It's a real pain in the butt for me to retrain.


elaine said...

Do you remember the Incredicle Mr. Limpit with Don Knotts? That fish reminds me of that movie and his character. What an amazing story. A fish dropping at your doorstep.

Miracles said...

That's some fish story. Sheepshead has become my very favorite fish. I make Sheepshead fish once a week.