Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Feet

Violet's first birthday party found her just a little laid back. She was on her best behavior (except maybe for the foot on her high chair tray) with her sixty guests but wasn't the least bit interested in her
birthday cake. Any part of the cake that was removed was not done by her. And there is that foot again. We think she may take after her father and not care for cake.
On the other hand, she takes after me in the gift opening love. She went quickly from one wonderful gift to another
preferring to crawl on top of them before actually opening them. I can't believe she is already been on this planet for a year!!!


Miracles said...

I like the 'Climbing a Mountain of Gifts' picture.
Welcome home.

Cindra said...

The time goes so quickly. We feel the same about Graham and all of our other grandbabies. But you feel it most with the young ones.

She is adorable and I love the foot thing!

dee said...

Such a funny, darling, little angel. Happy Bithday Violet!