Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Gotta Go

I spent half of yesterday on the way, sitting there, and coming home from my Opthamologist, I have a very difficult time reading and every thing I see is fuzzy. It started in the late fall. Unfortunately my doc is down here so I had to wait. It ended up being exactly what I thought it was; the wrinkling or clouding of the flap that's directly on the side of the implant that replaced my two cataracts. It's a thirty second zap but it of course entails much testing, waiting and two visits over two weeks to a surgi center. Nothing is easy.

I am having fourteen girls over tonight to get together to say hello to the winter season in dear old Florida. It should be great fun. I am using (except for one) all new recipes that I have acquired on Pinterest and placed on my Recipe board. I will take pictures!!

I have always liked the signs that depicted whether a restroom was for guys or gals. At my daughters wedding we put photos on the doors of the eight bathrooms showing that they were for either male or female. We had Dolly and Sylvester (Rhinestone Cowboy), Lucy and Desi, Sonny and Cher, you get the idea. This first one looks like they dressed up a guy to pose for the girl; maybe a construction person? Or maybe that's a hairnet?
I like when restaurants use a little individuality when marking their spots. I don't get the woman sign in this one at all.
I am guessing these are briefs for the men but they look suspiciously like something in my underwear drawer. Did I just say that?
When I used to work at the architectural firm, a guy in the office would always describe my old dog Mazy as standing at the window with her legs crossed when I was late leaving to take her out. My office was two minutes from our house. I always thought of that when I was late to walk her.
Sometimes simplicity is best.
Then there is the contemporary look.
The look of a welder fits the bill too.
This may be my favorite. It's just a hint.


Miracles said...

It'll be the party of the season. Maybe your new neighbors will join in. Some of the restroom signs are ingenious.

spikemuffin said...

"old dog Mazy"? Where is the love?