Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm In Love

Pinterest is very addicting. I love to see all the wonderful stuff, whether it's to look at or to make or learn. These oranges were injected with food coloring.
I wonder when Violet will be big enough for her Granny to make her Octopus hot dogs for lunch. I used to make my kids hot dogs with a slit down the long side and thin slices of cheese inserted and melted. For some unknown reason we called them Halloweinies. Don't ask me why.
I just googled halloweenies and this is what came up. Considerably cuter than my version. Sorry kids, I wasn't very creative back in the day.
Check out these precious cupcakes with sugar wafer ears, mini chip eyes and a slice of marshmallow for the snout. I will have to surprise my neighbors daughter with these next summer. She is a pig lover like me.
Another clever way to jazz up a plain sugar cube. Just add some natural dye. Oh, and make sure your saucer and cup are placed on eighty dollars worth of coffee beans too.
So simple yet I never thought of it. I truly looks good eneough to take a bite out of the picture.
These bread pigs are awfully cute too. I am going to start a collection of fun food that I can make for Violet when she gets a little older and actually KNOWS what I am doing.
And this? Just smiled when I saw it.


Anonymous said...

I love Pinterest too! It's just fun to see all of it - whether I make anything or not.

Miracles said...

Love it

Christine Thresh said...

Are there directions for making "bread pigs"?