Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Initially Fine

So far, I can say that Pinterest has definitely shaped my personal habits. Considering the fact that I now have to limit my time on it to a half hour a day, I feel at least a little bit hooked on it. But that isn't all bad. I have done two things that I have on my Things I Want To Make board and gathered the necessary stuff to make a few others. One of the 'to do's' I wanted to do came together very fast.
I came across this and thought it was a darling idea and seeing as I am an avid Scrabble player, I wanted to do this in some fashion. When I see anything Scrabble related I always think of my BFF Nancy that lives in California. After emailing her as to her current color scheme of her master bedroom, I got to work. Four pillows is overkill to me so I first settled on first initials for Nancy and her hubby Frank. Two was wrong to me too so I opted for three; their first name initial and their last name.
Going with her color scheme of chocolate and sage, I printed out an outline of F, N and H on my computer in American Typewriter font and the corresponding number value in Scrabble. Then I ironed on Wonder Under on the chocolate fabric and cut out my letters and found good spacing on the fabric and ironed away.
I decided not to satin stitch around the letters and numbers but just to do a regular stitch. I always stitch any machine applique down with paper under it; it tends not to pucker at all if I do.
I am such a cheapskate that I actually figure out what to do in what order to use the underlying paper in the most economical way. I can't seem to break old habits.
Then I remove the paper (something I love to do) and sew up the pillow.
I have a smile on my face as I view just another way that Scrabble has taken over my life. Oh, and they are about eight inches square. I just filled them with fiberfill.

My left shift key still doesn't work. This is maddening!!!!!!


Susan Turney said...

Love them. Another fun word game to play on your Ipad is Hanging with Friends. Free, fun, cute, fast.

Miracles said...

You don't ever have a lull in your day! You're blessed with many gifts. I want to make the little attached squares wall board you have in your studio. Decorative wall art is better than a boring cork board up on the wall to pin stuff up.