Friday, January 27, 2012

Knit Purl

I finally finished this sweater for Violet. The hold up was the neck. I didn't have a pair of circular needles the same size as the main part of the sweater that was short enough to use on the neck. Finally I purchased it and now the sweater is done. I am thinking of a hat to match.
This photo shouldn't probably even be shown. It is the other side of the love seat; I sit next to it. Yeah, I am a bit of a slob. But I just discovered a new way to count rows. The newest creation in the works is made up of a pattern of four different rows. When watching tv I tend to lose my place, forgetting to change back from purl to knit. One of the things I hate most to do is tear out so I try to avoid it. Through good and bad attempts to mark I came up with a system of counting rows.
I made a loop in the little tail that is left from casting on. Using the little padlock looking stitch markers, I place one on when just starting the first row of the pattern. Same goes for second and third. When the fourth row comes up, I take the remaining three off. The system works perfectly because if you put the marker on at the beginning of a row, you know if you have to set your knitting down (which happens all the time) you are on the row that the markers add up to; if no markers, it's the fourth row. It's working for me.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a good idea. I can probably screw that up, too.
My couch is my "nest". Sometimes has knitting, tatting, cross stitch and a few books all at the same time.

Miracles said...

The sweater came out spectacular. A hat with yellow fringe would be adorable.

Anonymous said...

I see "Miracles" has the same idea like I have.....same suggestion here.