Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Master Suite

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This is a very common sight at our house. I can be totally into a project that I can't walk away from and all of a sudden there's a nudge on my calf which I have grown to know is Miss Bella and her ball. Yesterday I was coming into the master bedroom to take a picture of the new duvet cover I just finished and there was Bella, in the bathroom trying to get G (who is in the shower) to play ball. And yes, the ball is that dirty.

Here is the new duvet cover I made to cover the old comforter. We needed something with a darker base.
I based it on a quilt top that my friend Anne made while visiting me last summer.
She made hers a little askew in places, which I love but I didn't want to do that for the bed. I was reminded of Anne's quilt top when I saw this
quilt on Pinterest. It would make a darling baby quilt, don't you think? My inner squares (the lighter gray ones) are 3, 7, and 11 inches square. I wanted a little more contrast for my bed. I also made new shams and pillow cases to match. The fabric came from and was 108" wide. That way I didn't have to seam the back!!!


Anonymous said...

Good job! I love the baby one!

Miracles said...

Good work.
You whipped that up in a few days!