Tuesday, January 17, 2012

T Shirt Scarf

Very odd; I did a blog post yesterday and when I opened up blogger it wasn't there. I looked in my list of blogs that I use to check stuff and it wasn't there either. Somehow I deleted it. Odd. Oh well, let's get on with it.

My attraction to Pinterest has not faltered in the slightest. I seem to prefer it to Scrabble and that quite something. I saw a scarf (my 87th in the last five years) that I had to try so this is my tutorial on it.

Get yourself an old t shirt. We all have them. This one in particular came from the dollar store (don't even ask) and it's never been worn. I like to think I would wear an arty t but I am physically incapable of wearing t shirts in general. Some weird gene I have.

Lay it straight down and with scissors or in my case, a rotary cutter, cut strips from the bottom up (I even used the hem as one) to the pit of about an inch wide. You will get around
15 to 17 tube stripss. Take some shorter non tube strips from the part of the t that is inbetween
the sleeves and cut them in some 1" strips and stretch them. They will turn into skinny roundish lengths.
Wrap each of the tubes three or four times into a circular shape, using your palm or just doing it free hand; it doesn't matter if the fabric twists. Lau them down in that shape. Take two of
the 'chains' and tie them together with the stretched piece. Do that to all the circles linking all the rounds until you have a large circle.
The results will amaze you. It is very simple to do and has a wonderful look to it. I chose an almost monotone t but you could use a very colorful one for a completely different look. Try it! You'll like it!!

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Anonymous said...

Do you think this could be worn in public? Not too sure, would try it for the sake of...if I had many t-shirts to waste...I work-out in mine.