Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Very Graphic

The first day on the road coming back to Florida was catchup with magazines day. I had four People and Us magazines each and I refuse to read them out of order. By the time I read them, I usually have heard the news via the grapevine but it's still nice to read a rag every now and then. I was two months behind in my Food Network magazine and had a couple other random mags to check out.

Day two was designated to finish up the sweater that I was supposed to finish on the way home in November. I ran into a couple snags and the biggest one was not being able to read the graph

because it was so tiny and I am having a bit of trouble with my eyesight (which will be rectified shortly). I decided to make a copy of the graph
in a big granny size. It worked much better and when Bella decided not to sit on what I was working on

I managed to finish the giraffe. Now I have to finish the armholes and neck and put it together. I need another road trip!!!

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Robbie said...

Adorable! We hit Ocala on the 29th of Dec. but were SO disappointed that our favorite Mexican restaurant in Macon is closed!!! El Azteca!! They do have one in Atlanta but that's not on our route down here..sob..sob...