Tuesday, January 31, 2012

War Story

Hopefully I have finished up with these eyes of mine. Now it's just a matter of getting used to not wearing the glasses at the tip of my nose and monovision again. The big ole' black floaters are supposed to go away gradually.

We got to the Apple store an hour and a half early but they are so efficient that we had a wait of only ten minutes. Gore was happy my broken keyboard was along because when the Apple guy
plugged in his iPad it powered up and it was with our cord! Embarrassing. In all fairness to G, he tried it on several occasions and plugged it in where he always does. After getting home, he checked and the circuit breaker wasn't working. What are the chances of that? The poor iPad gets run over not once but three times and STILL works!!!!

They swapped out my faulty keyboard for a brand spanking new one for no cost but I had to
earn the guy his ten minutes with us so I sprang for the new mouse. It is very sleek and easy to transition from my old one. I was thinking about getting the Magic Trackpad but decided that with not always accommodating fingers, sticking with what I know is the way to go.

I love new stuff.

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Miracles said...

Steve Jobs is looking down at you and smiling!