Monday, January 02, 2012

Watch It Grow

Even with all the partying that we have been doing, my sis Mike managed to put this whole pieced quilt together. I think it is adorable and after the green last border is attached, it will be perfect.

The other day, after I made that example of an art quilt for my student Anna, I left it on the design wall and after awhile it got me to thinking of making more blocks that are similar and seeing if it grows into something. Well, so far it has grown into 12 blocks and if I wasn't so lazy I would go into the studio and take a picture of it for you. Tomorrow is soon enough. I won't be leaving for Florida until after the baby's 1st birthday next Saturday. I will have enough time to finish up this new project and a few more I have started.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute turtle top!