Friday, January 06, 2012


Itty bitty cupcakes are ready to go to Violet's party along with some other stuff that is in the works. Last night was the last class for the season for my superior pupil Anna. I got her a pattern that she was to do from beginning to end.
She has a toddler godson and I thought this would be a perfect last project. No, there is nothing wrong with your eyes. I took the picture of the finished
"creature" but somehow I pressed a wrong button on the new camera and when I went to download, it would not let me so I took a picture of the picture with another camera (my hated purse camera; touch screen - a nightmare) and it didn't turn out so good. You get the idea though. Anna did a great job and I typed up some homework for her to do over the winter and spring. She was very positive about continuing to work and progress.
I managed to get these blocks sewn together. I will take it to Florida and do the quilting there.

While we are gone, we will be replacing the black and white tile floor of the studio with a fake particle wood looking substance. I was going for laminate wood but it is so noisy I knew I would grow to hate it. I need something that is easy to spot pins on and I can roll around with my wheeled chairs on. We are also changing the carpeting throughout the house from taupe to eggplant. It is long overdue. I have been thinking of new carpeting for a couple years but it is such a big deal, moving furniture, taking up old carpeting and removing it, I just couldn't get my head around it. This is the best possible scenario. I won't be here for the mess!!! We have used the purple color in three past houses and it is by far my favorite. It's hard to imagine but it goes with every color there is. It makes me giddy with excitement!!!


spikemuffin said...

No diploma for the intern?

Miracles said...

How many cupcakes did you make?
Your student is off to a great start.
Great carpeting color choice. My NY bedroom was shades of purple....loved it.