Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back To Work

My girlfriends are up north safe and sound (and cold!) I am settling back to my typical furniture arrangement and putting things in their place. In the beginning of a visit like this we always have to guess how we arranged the studio. We have been doing it for at least six years and still, it befuddles us. I swore to take a picture of the whole setup but once again, forgot. Oh well, we somehow manage to get it in a workable manner.

Here are the last pictures I took while we were doing our thing.
There was knitting involved and Peggy kindly wrapped this yarn so that knitting it was made easier. Mine is the white (it's completed) and the other two are Anne's. She had another skein
of black she knitted while she was here so that she could learn the process from the other four of us that have made the scarf. She did a bang up job of it.
Peggy finished piecing this beautiful quilt top and Anne almost finished
this window pane piece. She completed all the borders; there were eight total and one of them are on the top right. Ignore the bottom star piece; it just happened to be on my design wall. It was done for me by Jean Ann last year in an exchange we had.
Bella, well she didn't do much. I am a little embarrassed as to the condition of my electrical answer to five sewing machines and four separate lights, but it is what it is. It didn't seem to phase the dog at all.
My sis Mike finished this whole quilt top while she was here. The only thing she did in advance was cut out the inside pieces. I love it and the colors especially.
There is that blasted star in the bottom right corner again. I need to move that. Jean Ann did this whole piece from top to bottom during her visit. It was paper pieced and hand appliqued (the circles). The outside border is just pinned up. We wanted to get the whole effect. That is a lot of work and quite a speedy job for Jean Ann. We were all very impressed.

The visit was grand and there was a lot accomplished, as usual. Now it's back to normal life and jobs (not me!)

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