Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beach Babes

We go to the same restaurant on the beach for some day drinking and have a picture taken of us in the same position as the last year. I think this is our sixth or seventh year doing this. This is last years photo and this
was taken yesterday. The sun was brutal so there was a lot of squinting going on!!
Here are a few things on the design wall. This was done by Jean Ann. I just looooooveeeeee the colors!
This started as a panel by Peggy that she got at a great sale. She then cut the squares apart and sewed them on point, making the block a square in a square. I love to see things come together fast like this.
This is another panel Jean Ann is doing for her son. The inside large piece is printed and the side trees are paper pieced. It will probably be done today. Now I have to get going!!

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