Friday, February 03, 2012

Cannoli 101

After girlfriends lunch I had my first lesson in making the 'boats' (as I always called them) for cannoli. My BFF Millie had the dough already made and sectioned off in little usable portions and had them refrigeratorated. That was so smart. She also has that pasta attachment for the Kitchenaid which I should have gotten (if I knew) instead of a free standing electric pasta maker.In fact, I like it better because it is taller and therefore easier to maneuver. I realized half way through making a real mess in the bowl that we should have just taken the bowl off to begin with but live and learn, right? The dough was wet so I had to add some flour to get it just right.
We used Millie's hamburger cutter to cut out the perfect size for the cannoli.
These were wrapped and secured (very important) with egg wash where the dough flaps over itself. The cylinder we wrapped the dough around were dowels that Richard, the magnificent husband, cut from a broom handle (yes, it was new). We could have used more to keep production going but who knew?
These were fried in a 375ยบ vat of vegetable oil for a couple minutes. You need to stay on these guys and because they want to constantly turn, some of them need to be held in place for a few seconds. The first group of 'boats' were hard to get off the wood, even though M treated them with oil before hand. The idea of spraying them with cooking spray was brought up and instigated. It worked. The cannoli just slid off the wood. We needed to cool the wood down so we tossed them in the freezer to be a manageable temperature. It only took a few minutes but here is where you could use more and keep the ball rolling. Baby steps.
These were the last two and we even tossed in the remainder of the dough waste because it pleased Richard to have a snack after his long afternoon working in the yard.
All these cannoli 'boats'; they are waiting for their filling of marscarpone, ricotta, chocolate, sugar, cream and some toasted chopped almonds and chocolate sprinkled on the corners. Yum.


Susan Turney said...

I LOVE cannoli!! The casinos here in Las Vegas all have them in their buffets and at least once a week I stop at the "M" deli and get a piece of pizza and a cannoli to go. (They dip the ends of the boats in chocolate)! I take it home, cut it in half so I can have it for 2 days and eat tiny bites so it will last!!! A great post.

Susan Turney said...

...and another thing. You could always justify getting the KitchenAid attachment by using your pasta machine for polymer clay! You could make buttons for all of the cute little sweaters, etc. for Violet.

Miracles said...

What a process......rolling out dough, putting dough through pasta machine, cutting circles, rolling circles on dowels, sealing with egg whites, frying shells, and removing shells from dowels. 55 Cannoli Shells in less than two hours!! We were like Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory.