Saturday, February 11, 2012


We are in houseguest transition right now. G's brother has been here for three weeks and is now visiting ex Chicago cops (of which he is one) in Clearwater. He will be returning sometime as yet unknown. He has been replaced with a friend of G's for a quick overnight. My four girls come on Tuesday and that is when G heads out. For some reason he doesn't like to stick around when there's a bunch of girls. I wonder why?
Here is my son Peter and little 13 month old Violet reading together. Because I am certain of her brilliance, I am quite confident that she is doing the reading.

I am having a dinner party and am ironing out the menu before heading for the store today but the one thing for certain on the menu is Cream of Celeriac Soup (why capitalize the words? doe no).
It is my very favorite root vegetable and I grab it when I see it. I looked up the weather and it's supposed to finally get a little cold (for here that is) so I think I will make a cozy meal to match.
I'm debating on a Valentines theme but I tend to go overboard on such things. Can I tame myself?

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Miracles said...

VJ is adorable even when she's reading!