Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cut It Out

Last week I was looking up some photo and happened across a bumper sticker that carried this mantra.I couldn't find it this morning but all I had to do was google images and type in 'butt look big' and there it was, on a t shirt. I had another laugh, just like I did last week.

I decided to make another batch of lasagna cupcakes because the last one has been long gone. The original recipe called for store bought marinara but I don't usually have that in my pantry but I always have the ingredients for it so I went ahead and made my own.

I always like it better anyway; I add a little sweetener to mine. This time, in making the
cupcakes I added the ground beef right to my marinara. I thought about adding the cheeses too
but my sauce was still a little warm and I didn't want to melt the cheeses prematurely. I think that next time I will try mixing all the ingredients together (room temp) except for the topping mix of parmesan and mozzarella. You can load these to the top because they have no leavening and will not get bigger. Except for the ones that my BIL John ate and I ate and G ate, they are safely in the freezer. Oh, you bake them a scooch (made up word) less than perfect because you are gonna freeze them on a tray and when they are frozen you can bag them. They will be popped in the oven frozen and will thaw and cook again, hence the scooch. I love to make up my own words. Another one? Flart. Another? Fruck.


Synthia said...

You are one funny lady and you sew and cook good, too. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Nothing funny about being disrespectful!!!
I could say a lot but I won't stoop.

Anonymous said...

Please don't bring political commentary into your otherwise delightful blog. Sue

Anonymous said...

It most often rings true... those that have been "catered to" in life, develop a caustic, arrogant discourse. Funny ?? ugh.

Brige said...

He is an ASS no doubt. The truth hurts for some I see.