Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do You Say Dopp?

We decided to do a tutorial on making a fully lined zippered box pouch. Anne was our wonderful teacher. The directionsare a whopping 37 pages, leaving nothing to the imagination. We all made one and a couple of us made a larger version. They are very nice. I love the shape.
This is what Peggy is working on now. This is the center and it will have borders that are pieced. It's a lot of triangles.
My sister and I made this lined tote. The grommets are plastic and are simple to use, without any tools. Mike actually chose home dec fabric that I have as slip covers on the golf cart. We decided not to bother rousting the sleeping Bella. She makes a nice prop. She didn't even stir during the shoot.

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wpritchett said...

I'd love to make a new dopp....but the directions will not open.