Friday, February 24, 2012

Gabby Gals

Some of my girlfriends came for lunch and we had a delightful time. We had our salads and
talked and gabbed and indulged in some day drinking. We talked so much that when they were starting to leave I remembered the dessert. I had taken store bought sugar cookie dough and patted it in mini muffin tins sprayed with cooking spray. I baked them until they were golden and then took them out and let them cool. When cool I filled with lemon curd. I didn't even get the chance to make the meringue for the top, but they were gladly eaten as is and I even sent home a little doggie bag of them. I got the how to from my new best friend Pinterest. Yum.
Last night I finished the back of the baby dress I am making. Notice about a quarter of the way up from the bottom; the pattern changes. I was not following directions but was in fact following American Idol when the oversight happened and I was way to far along when I noticed the error of my ways so I just pretended that it was supposed to be that way. My only problem with this path is now I am at about the same place on the front and I will have to try and duplicate it. I think I just switched rows half way in a four row sequence. Hopefully.


Irene said...

Tommy, if you aren't already, watch The Voice - it is so much better than Idol. That little dress is adorable!

Melody Johnson said...

Hey Tommy,
I think that bottom band makes it!
Looks to me like seed stitch and then moss stitch. The seed alternates k,p. The moss k,p the first row (front) and p,k, the back.