Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gal Pals

My wonderful friends landed safe and sound and I surprised them with the white chocolate marscapone tart for a Valentines treat. They quickly moved into their respective rooms and came out with their sewing stuff and into the studio we went.
Our little gal was all tressed up for the holiday and although she was thrilled to see the girls, she has a sadness because when the girls come, G goes.
I had to hurry up and finish ironing and folding the new dyed fabric. Half of this will go north and the other half stays in sunny Florida.

I used my gal pals as guinea pigs last night when I made the tostones nachos. I fried the plantains and then covered them with pulled barbeque chicken I prepared the day before.
On top of that went a load of cheddar. On the table we had salsa, guac, sour cream and jalepenos. We prepared them anyway we wanted. They were one of the best things I have ever had. It's gotta be the plantains. And I wasn't alone. They were amazing!!!!


Miracles said...

A staple n my house

Anonymous said...

I'd be a guinea pig in your house any time. I love plaintains and that dish looks delicious.
Robin, so. IN