Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Heart You

You have got to do Pinterest!!! I have changed my life with it. It's such a go to place; it's google but it's your stuff, what you like or like to see. I was deciding on toning down my Valentine theme when my brain went to cutting out the potatoes with little cookie cutters (first seen on Pinterest). If my dinner was on the 14th, maybe, but I settled on a themy (my word) table and a vaguely themy dessert. So first up? Napkins and placemats. Nothing I had would lend to the red heart thing so I went into my stash and picked out a red cotton with white micro dot fabric and proceeded to make the needed 6 napkins and table runners (more appropriate than placemats given the materials on hand.

Pinterest again. I remember seeing a napkin heart so I went to Pinterest and typed in heart napkin. Here's what I got, or rather my own rendition of it.
Fold the napkin in half, bringing the top down to meet the bottom corners. Press.
Now, bring the bottom up just shy of the top fold. Press. Fold in half from left to right or visa versa. We are just setting a crease for a line to follow.
Bring each bottom end up lining up with the new crease and have both ends meet at the top. Press.
Flip over and iron down the sides of the top to make this heart shape.
You end up with a simply stunning heart.
Pile them up and wait for a party. I have decided to follow my dear friend Maggie's suggestion that she always gives me when I am having guests for dinner. Set the table first!!!
And so for you dear Maggie, I have!!!!


Anonymous said...

Heart Be Still xoxoxo


Miracles said...

Have heart will travel, you are!

maggie zakka said...

a beautiful table indeed~ man, am i sorry i missed that!your talent constantly amazes me!