Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's A Dog's Life

I have been meaning to take my camera to dog park for some time and finally I remembered to take
it yesterday.
I wanted to show you an amazing phenomenon happening. Bella has taken to two little visiting dachshunds. She has never shown this kind of affection before. She stays right by their
side and when they move so does she. The little dogs are both girls, Daisy and Rihanna.
Bella's admiration of these cute little girls is quite evident to everyone because they have been around Bella for almost half of five years.
Our dog park is becoming much more popular now that it is fenced. We have a lot of visitors
that bring their dogs. This guy was new to dog park and I asked it's owner about the breed because I have never seen it before. This is an Irish terrier called Glen of Imaal. Never heard
of it. It was an adorable dog with a very large head and he was very frisky. I love to see dogs play!!!

I can't believe that I don't know how to comment!!! I wanted to tell Pammyfay that this Glen is named Oliver. I wonder if its the same one you commented on.


Pammyfay said...

Here's another "Glen" -- this one is named Oliver, and he's been in "The Company of Dogs" catalog (I think his sister has, too). A co-worker has 2 Glens and knows Oliver. The breed is adorable!


Robbie said...

Don't you love to see the dogs play!!! Kalee is just 'learning' to play with 'others'!!! Mandy never wanted to play! Go figure!