Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweat Shop

Will you take a look at what conditions we are churning out stuff. It kind of makes me
dizzy looking at the picture but I am just dandy being smack in the middle of it all.
The Quilt Slut got this Moda Candy Bar Kit on sale and is making, for the second time,
This dresden plate wall hanging which contains four full blooms and eight half blooms. We will put up the parts on the design wall so you can see what it will look like when it is done. Peg wants to wait and applique it at her house because she wants to use her big machine.
I am busily sewing together the many frogs that I cut out in November when I was down here. It takes all the concentration I can muster to get these blocks together. Each quilt has sixteen blocks and each block has forty pieces in it. I am definitely a glutton for punishment.
Mike pieced this beauty from a kit that I gave her for Christmas. I bought it on sale at Joann's and it's from the Modern Collections. It's a wonderful looking quilt and easy to do.
This Penguin quilt was started by Anne a couple years ago and she worked this hand reversed appliqued off and on, carrying it to guild to work on. She made it for her son because he loves penguins. She did all the quilting in the last two days and now is ready to sew down the binding.
Peggy is also making lots and lots of paper pieced ornaments so she can put them on holiday placemats and give them to her family for Christmas.

We took a road trip to a local quilt store and dropped a whopping $534 on stuff we had to have. We then went to Dairy Queen for Turtle Blizzards and hit Joann's on the way home. What seems amazing is that we were gone for 4+ hours and they STILL got all this stuff done.


Miracles said...

I see creativity gone wild. I'm partial to The Dresden Plate because it reminds me of my favorite....Grandmother's Fan.

spikemuffin said...

I must say that is quite the production facility. The Apple factory in China doesn't get the bennies your staff does.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Before I opened your blog post I saw the photo.
My reaction "Sweat Shop"
I guess great minds run in the same path!!!!!!!!!!

Synthia said...

You and your friends are amazing! Creative and productive. Good combination mixed with a whole bunch of fun together!!!