Saturday, February 04, 2012

Tostones Are Tops!

My email in on the blink again and I haven't received one . This is now more than two days. Like the beginning of January, it just went out and then it just came back. I don't know why.

This is pretty funny. Yesterday at lunch my friend got the special, and they called it pork tostoni's. It rang a bell as a Cuban dish my friend Maggie had in South Beach the last time we visited Miami. I ordered a Rachel (a Rueben made with turkey) and then I tried a tostoni. Oh my god, it was the bomb. We disected the meal and decided that is was a tostones (twice fried savory plantain)
on the bottom with a lot of regular nacho accompaniments on the side, including salsa, sour cream and guac. On the top of the plantain was pulled pork, cheese and jalepeno, fresh cubed tomatoes and onions. It was to die for.

I thought about it all day and night and it followed me through today to the point that I said to G that we need to go to that restaurant. We went and who was there but Millie, my friend who ordered the dish to begin with. She was there like me to have more. Sadly, and I mean sadly, it was no longer the special. I was crushed and went with the grouper bites, all the while picturing what I really wanted. We decided that in the next week or so we would make the dish ourselves and pig out on them. She even let me in on a little secret;
the pre-fried green plantains (the pictured brand or another as long as the plantains are not Hawaiian; they are too sweet) are as good as if you made them fresh yourself. Yeah! Hey Barb, let's see who makes them first!!!


Anonymous said...

Yep, just tried to email you and it bounced back...grrr!


Anonymous said...

To fry green plaintains you cut the plaintain in two, then slit each piece down the now have 4 pieces. Fry in hot oil and when they are nice and golden, remove and crush or flatten piece with using the bottom of a bottle or maybe a rolling pin. Salt and enjoy.

You can also just cut each plaintain in 2 and fry and crush, but that might be a bit too thick for your dish.

Miracles said...

WOW....I'm thinking out of the box now after reading Anonymous' post. The larger size tostones could be used in other dishes. Thanks.

maggie zakka said...

no wonder, i've been emailing you 'till my guesta leave tomorrow!