Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Tube

We had the tv on in the workout room when we were doing that and I got interested in something and started to watch it in the studio. One thing led to another and all of a sudden there was Hugh Laurie
sitting next to Jennifer Ainston on a plane in an episode of Friends. I actually didn't think he existed before House. Who knew? And then I found myself with The Voice on and I was riveted to it. It's very different from Idol and in a good way. There is nothing mean or laughable about it. I know nothing about it but they must screen the contestants because they can all sing.
The dyeing part of my week is done and the washout is now in the works. After only getting less than half completed I decided to get the fabric out of the studio and on to the lanai. I was getting the feeling that I was in a land mine. The washout takes so long!!!


spikemuffin said...

Second from right, Green (Aqua?)

Anonymous said...

You could dye for sale....I'd take a half or a yard of each colour...thank you.

Anonymous said...

just noticed you piled your fabrics on the ground/flooring. Are you not allowed to hang out your fabrics to dry?

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love to see hand dyed fabrics!!

I'm sitting here trying to figure out which recipes from the 'book' you used lol


Anonymous said...

nice colors !

Miracles said...

I'll take the PURPLE....thank you.

Mary Ann said...

Hugh Laurie was big in England, he starred in the Wooster and Jeeves series, he was a hoot!