Friday, February 10, 2012

Tutu Tutorial

Here is the first finished tutu that will be overnighted to Miss Violet for her Valentine festivities. Now here is how to make it.
Buy those rolls of tulle. They come in various lengths but you need around 25 yards for a small tutu. You will need more, depending on the waist band size. First decide how long you want it (length from waist to bottom). Then double that length add two inches to it. I chose 8" because V is so small. So my pieces measure to be eighteen inches. I decided to simplify that and I laid the tulle down in lengths of 36" and then cut them in half. Pile these on top of each other and cut off the ends and cut in the center.

For the elastic I used 1" non roll but smaller would work fine too. I took her waist size (17") and subtracted 2". I zig zagged the ends together for a ring of elastic.
I put this ring on my thigh (please disregard the lack of any color in my thigh).
Taking each piece of tulle I found the center and slipped it under the elastic.
Through the top loop I slid the ends of the tulle and tightened.
You just keep doing that until you are completely around. It's a good thing to do while watching tv. I was afraid that these would eventually slip lose so I went over it just under the
elastic with a running stitch on the sewing machine. You could do this by hand or not at all. The original tutorial called for double knotting but you could still see white elastic a little through the tulle and I am a purist and couldn't do it that way. It is way more secure that way though, and it eliminates the sewing. I would definitely double knot if I was using white tulle.
Again, this is the first one.
I made a hair tutu to go along with it. It looks big here but is only less than an inch!!!
Of course, Violet needs a violet tutu. And she is a girl after all so some
pink has to show up too. Instead of bows on this one I cut lengths of real skinny ribbon and knotted both ends and sewed it randomly when I secured the tulle under the elastic. The combinations are endless. There are various lengths of tulle. I bought 25 yard tubes and 15 yard tubes and the real shinny stuff is organza and it works fine too. It comes in tubes of 8 yards.

This is a very simple, very fast and very satisfying. All you want to do when you are done is to just look at it. There is something about a tutu.


Irene said...

Where did you get the tulle? I have never seen it in rolls. I have a granddaughter who even has a tutu bathing suit!.

Anonymous said...

I saw these at a shop in downtown Naperville and they were going for $36+ A real cottage industry for you!!

Now what do little boys want for Valentine's Day?


Irene said...

Violet is so lucky to have such a wonderful and creative grandma!!!

Patrica said...

Thanks for the tut, I love the tutu and my little GD would look so sweet in that violet one. Finally a tutorial that even my addled brain can understand!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the overview on how to make it. Much simpler than I thought. Yours look great!

Mike said...

I got the tulle on a roll at Hobby Lobby last week for 1/2 price to use for Xmas package ribbon. Never thought to use it to make a tutu. Very cute. Our little Violet will look like a doll in it. Can't wait to get a picture.
Aunt Mike

Miracles said...

Love them.....

wpritchett said...

So cute and we're all expecting pics of Ms Violet in her tutu.
I've made cute tote bags that looks like a tutu. Found it online, maybe I'll find it and send it to you...I think I printed it off, it was one that I paid for.

Synthia said...

The tutu's are tootoo cute!!!!!!