Monday, February 13, 2012

What A Day I Had!!!

Technology! I am floored by it every day. My five year old iPod that I record audio books on finally bit the dust and G got me a new one a couple days ago. We were heading out for a power walk with our house guest and I was holding up the rear, fiddling with the new contraption when I realized that it too has a camera on it. My old one didn't. So I snapped a couple pictures off and when I saw this pic
I realized that my husband, who is eight inches taller than I am, is not the tallest man in the world, as I previously thought! I love having a very tall guy around to fetch things but there is a down side; he can see where you neglected to dust!!!! If you look closely you can see Bella's tail by G's left knee.

About 2:30 yesterday, when all was spic and span and all elements for my dinner party were falling into place, I opened up the refrigerator for some anchovies and the light was burnt out. I unscrewed it and then thought for a second, maybe it's the breaker. So I touched the light on the door ice/water thingy and it also didn't work. I went to the box and all looked fine so I decided to leave the refrig closed until G got back from wherever he was. A half hour later I was checking the time and I realized that the ovens were out too. G soon got home and long story short, the major appliances, and the garbage disposal were non com. Zilch; nothing that was needed to have a dinner party was available to me. G quickly turned on the extra refrigerator in the garage and started a bubble bath to clean it out so we could transfer a freezer full and the frig side to safer temps. The appliances, water heaters and the house heat are also not working. We have a guy coming any minute to see what's up.

I made a call to my BFF Millie and she rescued the day. I was to take the dinner to her. And that is
exactly what I did, down to the heart shaped dinner napkins. It was a huge success and as is typical with me, I only took a couple pictures.
This may be my favorite because it never occurred to me to just open a drawer and make it a towel rack!!! Sometimes, I am such a dunce.
My Cream of Celery Root Soup with crostini and compound butter of celery leaves and parsley
looks lovely with Millie's festive dishes. That was followed by a Caesar salad. The main course was roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted baby gold potatoes and a chicken rolled up with a mixture of pistachios and sausage. The dessert
came from my new BFF (how fickle am I?) Pinterest. It is a white chocolate marscapone tart topped with
heart shaped strawberry and raspberries. I am gonna follow up with a tutorial on tart crust making because the recipe didn't explain and I feel that tarts turn out better if you know more about the making of them. Tomorrow I will do that. Yes, tomorrow.
My fellow ladies were dolls and helped with everything! I can't even believe how easy it was to go on the road with dinner. Easier than calling for carry out!!!


barbd2 said...

My refridgerater just died as well! Not an electrical problem, but rather a full fledged death. I have never been happy with it, so a call to Abt Appliance and the new one was on the truck to me. So far I love the new one! When the old one died we had 60 degree weather. When is Indiana 60 in the winter? When I have made 4 doz. almond croissants and put them in the freezer to get ahead start on a meeting I was hosting. Of course I had to remake them. But I did get a new fridge. (How desparate am I for a good time?)

Miracles said...

I love that the dinner party went on well. Have food, will travel.

Miracles said...

Your husband IS tall. So, how tall is your house guest that's dwarfing G?

Jeannie said...

Apple dishes!!! My Mom has her set and every holiday meal since 1951 has been eaten on them. The tart...swoon...looks delish.

Miracles said...

Jeannie.....I love dishes, with matching serving pieces. I use Lenox Holiday Holly, Lenox Autumn, Lenox British Colonial, Franciscan Apple and Paltzgraff Herb Garden.