Monday, February 06, 2012

What Do You Have To Say?

I just found out that because I had close to 4000 emails on my server (didn't know that even existed before) I couldn't receive any email. I had to erase all at one time or I would have had to do them all individually and frankly, life's too short. So, if you emailed be in the last four days or the middle of January and I never responded, it's because I didn't get them. Sorry but I will really have to stay on top of this. Thanks.

I am frantically dying fabric, for no reason in particular. I have so much dye powder I would have to live two lifetimes to use it all. I can't quite figure out why but maybe because I brought the dye stuff from up north and combined with the amounts of STUFF I have here, it mutated and became colossal. Now the question is, do I dye more fabric than I can ever use in this lifetime or just pretend like the powder isn't here? Maybe get rid of it?

I was waiting on Facebook for Scrabble to open and came across these sayings. I thought they were truisms and wanted to share.
This looks like Belly when she runs!!
Yeah and you know who you are!!!
This could come in handy when talking politics.
But if I had to......
This is me most days.


Miracles said...

Lots of stuff from you to read today. I can relate to staying up too late most nights and realizing it every morning. Some of us never learn!

Cindra said...

I love the comment about the capri sun.... been there.
And the open gate. Cleo used to look like that, too. Dogs faces can really express joy well.

Anonymous said...

Dyeing fabric is one of my all time favorite things to do!!

Dye powder will eventually get old, but dyed fabric will be around a very long time.