Monday, February 20, 2012

Where's Daddy?

I seem to have misplaced my camera and it contains the most recent work done in the sweat shop. I will have to settle on just a picture that Anne took yesterday of Bella, at her lanai post, with her eye on the front door, waiting for G to come in. I tried to explain the eight day absence but she's not real good with distinguishing one day from the next. She only has to wait a couple more days!!!

I just realized that today is a holiday. Happy Holiday!!!

Yesterday's direction link didn't work and I have been messing around with it this morning with little success. I can get as far as the indirect link and that is what I will post here. It's the second one down.

Just copy and paste.


Anonymous said...

I'll sew this on my day off. I have some heavy-weight IKEA fabrics just begging to become a couple of these.

Aren't you afraid of Alligators or Crocodiles or whatever other reptiles you have in your backyard? Hope you don't let your dog out of your sight.

Irene said...

Ben hates when his Daddy is gone too. I'm an O.K. substitute, but he's a Daddy's boy.

BTW, Jane Ann doesn't look at all like the picture you posted of her earlier :-)

Miracles said...

My Weimaraner was my girl up until her daddy came home from work. Then she wouldn't even look at me.