Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Are My Valentine!

I decided that I would hold off on the tart tutorial until another day because I have to clean up the studio, put the newly dyed fabric away (major job) and go grocery shopping by early afternoon. Plus, it's a big day and Violet has decided on what onesie she will wear with her Valentines tutu.

This is one of her options; a raspberry onesie looks good enough.
Then we have the solid white (with her very own Visa in her mouth).

But in the end, I think she is going with the white with the touch of color on the neck. This gal was made for a tutu!!!!!

Happy V Day!


Cindra said...

She does appear to love the tutu! It looks adorable on her.

Synthia said...

What a precious grin. She's a 'keeper' for sure!!

Miracles said...

The tutu is perfect

Anonymous said...

You are so-o-o lucky to have such a precious Valentine
named Violet.....and Mr. G.is pretty cute to look at also!


Carol S said...

What a doll!