Thursday, February 02, 2012

You're Welcome

I saw this saying and had to duplicate it. I usually end up with a postit on the door to say come on in when I have a crowd and have worked my way away from the front door. I used to have something that said Enter Please but the hanger was a bent branch and if you hand anything but a doorknob, it wouldn't work. I haven't had doorknobs in years.

I first cut the wood with my chop saw and then took the drop cloth and paint can out in the back yard and spray painted, then sanded and then painted once again. While that was drying I printed out what I wanted on the wood. I made more than one of these; two for me and a couple to give away. Anyway, I used American Typewriter, all caps and bold and a 42 font size. I sprayed all the lettering with fixative spray
because I already tested the printing and the Mod Podge made the ink run. When the paper was dry I cut it to size and
put it on the wood containing Mod Podge on the front and then painted over the top of the whole piece of printed paper. Then I dried it and just for good luck I sprayed fixative on it again.

The first two I made have holes drilled into them for the ribbon but then I thought better of that and instead screwed those little circles with the screw part connected and then threaded the ribbon through. One side will have to be untied to put on my kind of front door latch but that's a okay. Cute, huh?


Anonymous said...

Definitely cute!!!

barbd said...

I want one!!!!! b

Miracles said...

Thank you.